The Easiest Way to File Your Tax Returns

It’s a popular belief that tax is a complicated subject. Yes it is, but if you handle it in an effective and planned way, I am sure you can beat all your tax hassles. If you file your tax with the help of paper work then there is more probability for you to do mistakes and at the end you have to face paying more tax than actual so it’s always advisable for you to follow e-filing of tax returns. Presently the HMRC is encouraging everyone to file their tax through online systems as it saves your time and minimizes the possibility of doing mistakes.

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A Service that Eases your Tax Life

Tax hassles are pretty tough to deal with, without a sound knowledge in the field. However Easy Tax Returns, an emerging tax consulting company in UK renders one of the best services, dealing with your tax issues in an easy and effective way.

A comprehensive Tax Return Service

Easy Tax Returns offers a comprehensive service backed by the skills and significant experience of professional experts to assist you in a fast income tax preparation. The services include review of requirements to file tax returns, obtaining self assessment tax id number for return filing, review of statutory residence test for residency issues, carrying out quality control check on your return ,non domicile claims and reliefs, analysis of your shared income benefits , protecting you against tax risks, dealing with the queries of the HMRC in connection with your return, tax treaty claims ,defending you for free when you have an enquiry as well as serving you with non resident tax returns service if you have an UK sourced income.

Easy Tax Returns follows a simple income tax e-filing process in UK so that it becomes easy for you to clearly understand and access the narrow alleys of tax. Choose among the options of personal or company tax return services whichever suits your criteria .It has set different packages catering to varied requirements of its users, select the right one for you and get your documents uploaded. All your documents are safely handled and delivered via its online share portal and tax returns are filed electronically to the HMRC with an immediate acknowledgement of receipt.  It offers fixed packages based on the number and the type of your income sources to be reported and will always give prior information to you for any chargeable work so that there are no nasty surprises.

Companies get the benefits too

Companies of all sizes can understand how much significance tax planning has for their business benefits. Easy Tax Returns brings them the expertise and experience to address their company tax issues. It has a significant amount of experience working with both the corporate and SME sectors, so no matter how large or small your business is, it’s not a limiting factor for Easy Tax Returns. What benefits you can get for company tax filing?  Check out from the followings:-

  • It identifies and provides you with strategic tax planning ideas to prevent your business growth from cash flow crisis
  • It serves for both foreign and national tax return preparation, including review and analysis and thereby checks your profit and loss statement
  • Several of innovative tax relief ideas from Easy Tax Returns can save you from paying extra taxes. The most favourable ideas for any company can be contributing to employees pension account and investing in useful dividends and shares.
  • Easy Tax Returns connects you to the HMRC, it acts as your representative to deal with the queries and meetings of your tax man.

File Your Income Tax with Easy Tax Returns Before it’s Too Late

Are you on the verge of last minute rush and looking for the best option to file your income tax on time? Well, Easy Tax Returns is the perfect answer. It offers the fastest and the simplest way for your Income Tax Filing. You just need to make the minimum effort of logging into the website. The e-filing of an income tax return includes three basic and simple steps and they are

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Just Take A Few Minutes and eFile Your Tax

When preparing taxes one should be careful. Taxes are both complicated and delicate issues. There are a lot of regulations and norms that encompass tax matters. Faulty tax preparations can lead to hefty penalties and imprisonment.

That is why it is essential to do a risk free tax preparation by taking advice from experts and consultants who have much knowledge in the field. The simple reason behind going for an expert is that you don’t want to take chances with paying taxes. Taxes can both be difficult to handle and hard to fathom.

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Here’s Your Door to a Fast and Easy Tax Calculation

Paying taxes today is a must. Whatever you do they put a tax on it. Buy a movie ticket, you pay tax, go to a restaurant, you pay tax, buy or sell properties, you make money and so on, there’s some kind of tax on everything. Of these income tax is of course the most essential. Whatever you earn, a part of it must go to the government –be it buying or selling of a land, car, and home or be it from your wages and salaries.

imgpsh_fullsize-1Our App is available on Google Play and App Store. Download today for easy & fast Tax Return.
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