Here’s Your Door to a Fast and Easy Tax Calculation

Paying taxes today is a must. Whatever you do they put a tax on it. Buy a movie ticket, you pay tax, go to a restaurant, you pay tax, buy or sell properties, you make money and so on, there’s some kind of tax on everything. Of these income tax is of course the most essential. Whatever you earn, a part of it must go to the government –be it buying or selling of a land, car, and home or be it from your wages and salaries.

imgpsh_fullsize-1Our App is available on Google Play and App Store. Download today for easy & fast Tax Return.
imgpsh_fullsizeAnalysing tax:

Most people are liable to pay taxes but not everyone. Every government has a certain income slab, above which the income taxes are generated and varies with levels of income. The more you earn the more you pay. But pay you must. Skipping income tax is considered a violation of law and can result in severe legal punishments. That is why it is solicited that required income tax be paid within time. Avoiding it, only complicates things.

Very much like when you tell a single lie, you have to cover it up with many more. One leads to another and all of a sudden you sitting on a pile of lies. Similarly, evading income tax eventually leads to disaster.

How can the process be simplified?

The process, rules and regulations related to income tax are varied, complicated and complex. It is not easy for ordinary people to be updated with the prevalent tax rules and regulations as well as follow the process easily. Ordinary service men get drilled for hours at workplace and on top of that keeping tax matters in mind is nothing but a nightmare. But life is growing fast today as it is also becoming more simplified and organised thanks to modern technology.

Tax return apps are being launched by platforms like Google and Apple, and everything is boiled down to smartphones. No wonder they are called smartphones. I mean who would have thought just a decade back even that tax filing and tax returns could be filed through mobile phones? You sit back relaxed on a

couch upload your documents through your phone onto the app and send it for evaluation. EasyTaxReturns is your easy tax calculator and gives you perfect information. You get to know what your exact status is and what you need to pay exactly. You pay nothing more or nothing less.

Also this app lets you stay informed about all the latest tax news and updates as well as generated timely reminders so that you do not miss it. Life’s always better when you have someone or something helping you out dedicatedly.


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